Machinarium Walkthrough

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  1. Goal - Get the band playing again..

    Head into the oil bar and sit on the stool, the other robot patron will invite you to play his game. This can be quite tough, but basically, you need to get 5 in a row. When you get five in a row he will throw the bolts on the floor in disgust and you can pick them up.

    Take the paper hanging from the shelf, this makes great fly paper, so head outside and use it with the water storage. Take it back in the bar and tap the bartender, the flies will escape and distract him while you make off with the oil can by the door. The robot will give the can to the drummer. Now give the bolts to the saxophonist, you will end up with two smashed plant pots and a plant. Which you can pick up.

    Head up the stairs at the back, then up some more stairs to the square. Speak to the robot in the wheel chair and he will give you his oil can. Head back down both sets of stairs and then out the door by the band, you'll be back where you started earlier on - trying to cross the bridge.. Use the oil can with the oil drip and take this back to the robot in the wheelchair, he'll use the oil and request sunflower oil now!

    Pick up the crank from the bottom of the wall and speak with the lady sitting on the bench. She wants you to make it 'infinity'. Look at the paper above the crank hole and you will see some symbols, match two of these on the clock by putting the crank in the hole and turning. When you make 'infinity' the lady will disappear inside. This will reveal a new set of symbols to change the clock to. Use the crank again to change the symbols and this time the man in the room, top right will leave. Go up the stairs to the room where he was and take the speaker. Come back down... 

  2. This video shows you how to get out of the prison, now that you have escaped the cell and then how to capture the robot dog and gain a lovely pink umbrella! ;)

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  3. Goal - Get the robot dog.

    Head left and talk to the female robot about the umbrella, the robot will tell you about the robot dog. Next go left to the quay and you'll see the dog on the opposite platform.

    Head back inside and turn the light off using the switch by the door. You'll see a time illuminate on the clock on the wall - 4.45. Go back down to the cells, enter the time on the keypad of the furthest cell (where you got the broom earlier) which is locked and it will open. Once inside open the safe by making all the dots surrounding the central dot, green. The safe will open and you collect the gun.

    In the middle room extend the robot to it's full height and take the plunger off the ceiling. Put the plunger and the gun together and head outside.

    Next push the red crates as far left as possible, tap the panel on the wall to reveal a set of red and blue buttons. Click them in the following order and then pull the lever on the left:

    Yellow red red yellow yellow yellow red red red yellow yellow yellow red yellow yellow red red yellow

    The top crate will be pulled up by the magnet and you can push the remaining red crate back to the left, as far as you can.

    Now climb on the small pole and then onto the top of the red crate. Extend your robot and then climb up the ladder. move the dial to the 4 o'clock position and press the play button, the buoy will move and you can then use the oil button to deposit oil on the pavement and attract the dog. Use your plunger gun to grab the dog and take it back to it's owner. 

  4. Goal - get past the guard and escape.

    When the guard swings back on his chair push him over and quickly take the balls from the table. The guard will get up to retrieve the balls from the target, while his back is turned take his key and put the balls on the floor by the stairs.

    Climb out of the hole and use the key in the slots by the bottom of the stairs to release the prisoners. (you can hide back under the table and repeat the process above if you need a little more time).

    The prisoners start escaping and the guard will chase after them and fall over. Once everyone has gone, head up the stairs and out into the next room, head up the stairs in this next room too. Stop at the telescope to take a look at what's happening and then head out the door. 

  5. Goal - make a cigarette for your fellow prisoner and escape!

    Collect the moss from the tap, spin the tap twice and pick up the part which falls off. Take a piece of toilet paper.

    Move over to the lamp and extend the robot to his full height. Put the moss on the light and it will dry up. Now wrap the moss in the toilet paper and then give it to the prisoner, he'll lend you his arm in thanks!

    Walk over to the hole in the bottom of the wall on the right, shrink down and the robots arm will go through. Use the prisoners arm on your arm to gain a longer reacher and choose the rear hole. Tap the furniture in the room until the broom falls off and the robot will take it.

    Now attach the piece of tap to the broom handle and put it in the hole in the middle of the cell which has a similar shape. Lift up the hatch and then pop down through the hole. Walk to the right. Use your new tool to open the grate ... 

  6. This video shows you how to escape the furnace room through the tube and what to do to get out of prison!

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  7. Goal - Get up into the tube

    Walk over to the right and by the door, pick up the Allan key. 

    Walk to the flashing red light on the furnace and use it, this will open the operating panel. Set the switches on the operating panel to the following positions DOWN / UP / DOWN and press the red button.

    Set the robot back to normal height, walk to the cart and get in. You'll need to do this quickly so the robot is there when the grabber drops down.

    As the grabber lifts up the robot, tap on the platform to left, to land there. Use the Allan key on the circuit box and then open it. Tap the bottom wires on the blue side and then fall back to the ground.

    When you use the operating box the route will be reversed and go past the tube in the ceiling. Tap the tube as you pass and you will end up in it.

  8. If you prefer to watch .. here's the video :)

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  9. Goal - Get into the building using the fruit cart

    Walk right and shrink the robot, he can then put his hand under the metal container to a control box. Change the settings to A and 2 to move the bar above you.

    Climb the stairs and pick up the hook on the floor. Fix this to the stair rail. Next extend the robot and tap the bar, make the robot shimmy along the bar and the tap the cart stopper to collect it.

    The robot will fall, but you will have the stopper.

    Use the stopper on the track closest to the front of the screen and then tap the stair rail to move the fruit cart lever. The cart will smash and land next to you. If this doesn't work and the cart flies off you have the stopper on the wrong track. 

    Pull the wheels of the cart and the robot will place them on the track, put the robot on the track and then pull the stair rail. Another cart will rush down and push the robot through!

  10. Goal - Get the guard to lower the bridge and enter the building

    Tap the stripey cones, the robot will add the first one to inventory and then you should discard the rest. Under the cones is a pot of blue paint, pick this up and use it with the pail of water. Once the water is blue, use the cone with the pail to have a blue cone.

    Next you'll need to climb the lamp post. Do this by removing the rungs from the bottom holes (i.e. The ones you have already climbed) and put them in the holes above. Climb as high as you can and then extend the robot. Tap the liht bulb to collect it.

    Put the lightbulb and cone together in your inventory and then use the new hat with your robot.

    Extend the robot, Pull the cord and cross the bridge.